NanoKemy Corporation, coined from “Nano” +” Alchemy”, where Alchemy is the medieval origin of chemistry, very early scientists aimed to convert lead into gold, which is an inspiration for our company.

We focus on lateral flow, flow through and microfluidic assay formats.

We design, develop, manufacture, and market reagents for the rapid diagnostic test industry includes qualitative, quantitative, and reader-based assay systems for various analytes.

We have extensive experience in rapid diagnostic test.

We also offer consultation services, custom conjugations to colloidal gold/ gold nanoparticles, and custom assay development in the lateral flow.

Products produced by NanoKemy Corporation are applied to rapid tests for pregnancy, drug abuse, infectious diseases, veterinary, agriculture, environmental testing, tumor markers, and other disease state applications.

To learn more or to talk to someone about your specific requirements, please contact our team by email at nanokemy@nanokemy.com or call us on +886-920-372915